Scientific Testing instruments
We offer Scientific Testing instruments, which are the essential laboratory equipments used for the scientific purposes of testing, detection etc. Based upon the consolidation with computers, these are employed to improve and modify the quality control procedures. Proffered with enhanced & extended instrumental utilities, the function of these devices depend on the parameter accommodations, data sampling, grouping etc.
Accu Plus Measuring Instruments (507024)
Working as the best protectors and detectors, provided Accud Measuring Instruments are appreciated for their rapidity in operation. These are the essential instruments for labs and construction industry, which aid in the invention, detection and quality control procedures of various researches and industrial productions. Offered with efficient automation, these proffer accurate measurements in all suited applications.
Surface Roughness Gauge
We offer Surface Roughness Gauges, which are employed for automated as well as fast scrutiny of workpiece surfaces in turning machines and machining centers. Peculiarly organized for the harsh preconditions in machine tools, these are highly effective solutions, which are used for the amending the accuracy of the workpieces as well as the productiveness of various manufacturing lines.
Magnaflux NDT Products
Offered Magnaflux NDT Products are organized to find indications and imperfections in ferrous materials such as fatigue cracks and some other. These testing equipments are configured to be fast, dependable and high-value. Provided versatile and serviceable products are employed for many industrial environments. Supplied with the many advanced features, these high-quality flaw sensors have numerous applicative measurement features.
Precision Measuring  Instruments
We offer Precision Measuring Instruments, for various factory and production surrounds. Employed for various construction applications, these measuring instruments assist you to examine a wide ambit of materials for in-depth and quality analysis. Ensuring the precision and correctness in their results, these optimal quality instruments are highly demanded in assorted industries.
 Portable Hardness Tester
Hardness test is an indispensable procedure for all industries occupied in making a strong substructure. Provided Portable Hardness Testers are widely employed for evaluating the quality of various materials and ascertain the overall strength as well as wear resistance of the materials. These immaculate hardness testing tools are portable and are expeditiously capable to determine the hardness of the assorted materials.
Digital Coating Thickness Gauge
We offer Digital Coating Thickness Gauges, which are designed on the conception of ultrasonic sound waves. Organized to offer highly accurate, dependable and repeatable coating thickness measures, these are perfect to be used on almost all substances, be they are ferrous or non-ferrous. These come with hosts and transducers, which are two chief parts of these devices.
Welding Gauge
We offer optimal quality Kristeel shinwa Gauges, which come with endurance of convexity, tolerance of support, underfil, concavity and are primarily used to determine the sizing of the fillet weld. Supplied in the preventative cases, these are appreciated for their operational accuracy as well as accurate results. The gauges come with precision in measuring and analysis.

Rubber Hardness Tester
We offer Rubber Hardness Testers, which are used to show the accurate hardness of all synthetic and natural rubber items. These can also test the hardness of soft elastic materials and offer the highest precision, quality, workmanship, strength and yet dont demand calibration in many impending years. Determining the hardness of rubbers, these also find out their visco-elastic properties.
NDT  Instruments
We offer NDT Instruments, which work as the all-inclusive portfolios of ultrasonic as well as eddy current flaw sensors and are accessible with the advanced features. Suitable for usages compassing from weld inspection to detecting voids, consistency, concealed cracks and various other internal irregularities in composites, plastics, metals etc, these high-quality flaw detectors have many applicable measurement features.
Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
We offer Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges, which are specifically employed to find out the sample thickness by measuring the time-amount. Calculating the data corroborated on the sound-speed, these can be engineered to make out with coatings, protections etc. Utilizing the non-destructive method, these are appreciated for their operational accuracy in different applications.
Pi Tape
Offered Surface Roughness Meters are employed for fulfilling the basic roughness testing demands. Provided precision measuring tools are utilized to measure the roughness level in hospitals, labs, chemical industries, petrochemical industries and umpteen others. Offered with a highly functional software, these optimum quality measurement tools assure high accuracy in their displays.
 Laser Distance Meter
The Laser Distance Meter is offered by us for use in various commercial and industrial uses. They are very effective and made available in various kinds for use in laboratories and other places.
Master Level
Offered Master Level provides the power to ensure a level machine equipment, which in turn rises the efficiency of modern-day, high speed system.  It comes with less breakage, increased durability and serviceability in operation.
There are various kinds of Press-O-Film made available by us for use in various commercial and industrial uses. They are suitable for use in various laboratories and other places they re required.
Holiday Detector
We offer Holiday Detectors, which capably make holiday detection harmless, quicker and more dependable than ever before. By using a variety of methods including DC pulsed detection and high voltage detection and, these are available with a wide ambit of adjuncts, which enable the holiday experiment on all kinds of substrates and usages.

Professionals in the area of surveying rely on a number of specialized instruments and gadgets known as "surveying test equipment" to complete exacting measurements. These expertly manufactured instruments were specifically designed to meet the exacting standards established by surveyors and other subject matter experts in land surveying.

Paint Testing Instruments

There are several paint testing instruments offered by our company to the paints and coatings industry. Coating quality testing, paint adhesion testing, color accuracy testing, etc., are carried out using these instruments.

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